Of scorpion stings and antivenoms

I was quite puzzled by the general lack of information and clarity over treatment of scorpion stings. A phone call from a friend requesting urgent help from a remote forested area triggered me to put together this blog on scorpion sting response. Medical school text books are quite confusing. The ones that we hold holy…… Continue reading Of scorpion stings and antivenoms

The emperor of all maladies: a review

This is one of the best books I have read. Depressing, intense, detailed, thorough, free-flowing and reflective. The book pulls the people from the history of medicine (or sceince itself) into a living narrative putting together pieces of apparently disjunct and inconspicuous and serendipitous events in the lives of cancer patients, researchers, doctors, surgeons, scientists…… Continue reading The emperor of all maladies: a review

Review of Confessions of an economic hitman

A fast-paced and often repetetive ramble on the experiences of an EHM – economic hit man – working in a “firm” that the author suggests had direct links with NSA. The book blends the author’s recollection of events with detailed history of the fall of several democratically elected governments and dictatorships world-wide. While the history…… Continue reading Review of Confessions of an economic hitman

the nehrus and the gandhis – review

An unexpectedly¬†riveting¬†book giving a much better account of post-independence India than I have been able to gather from most other sources. He tries to separate the “legend” behind Nehru and Indira from the people they were. Good supplementary reading to India after Gandhi by Guha, which sorta seemed to completely neglect these people’s personal lives.

Review – The Shock Doctrine

A powerful narrative on how US-style neo-liberal thinking is much more than a mere political ideology. The author indicates (through thorough analysis of documents and events in history) that an agenda to dismantle ‘states’ to safeguard “potential harm” to future US interests was pursued by several US administration. A decent understanding of economics and world…… Continue reading Review – The Shock Doctrine