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Canned corn at Google’s cost

Bessie Braddock (to Winston Churchill): Winston, you’re drunk. Churchill: Bessie, you’re ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober.   This exchange (perhaps apocryphal like any other exchange attributed to Churchill) is up there for no particular reason. I find it funny and that quite suits. Well, here’s another poem and like my previous poem blogs, again not by me, but in reaction to... read more

A recipe for free lunch

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch –Milton Friedman, Nobel-prize winning free market economist Haroon, a colleague from Panacea asked about FOSS, “Who is marketing it, if it is really so good?”. It is an interesting question with the implication that it may not really be so good, otherwise, why aren’t so many of us already using it! I strongly feel that FOSS is the... read more

Kindling myself

Ahem….before the naughty ones go overboard on this one, I am talking about my new gadget acquisition. Well, not yet really an acquisition, but, my new Amazon Kindle, an addition to the assortment of extensions to my phenotype, is soon going to be shipped to India. After much ado on “to buy or not to buy”, against all reason, economics and rationality, I placed my order online for the... read more

Aint no pedia like Wikipedia

Gracula religiosa is the latin name of the Hill Myna, a beautiful bird seen along the Western Ghats and associated South Indian hills. It is one of the endemic birds here and has recently been elevated to a full species, and rechristened Southern Hill Myna. Not getting into the boring details of why this was done, and how this is relevant to anybody, the above image introduces you to the similar looking... read more

Ping is my birthright and I shall have it…

I have a dream…. If Martin Luther King were born in the forests of BR Hills in Southern Karnataka during the nineties, apart from perhaps running into Veerappan, he could’nt have expected more adventure. Nonetheless, I am sure he would still have had a dream. His dream would have to do much more with owning a television and watching an action film. It may have been about having a bulb at home... read more

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