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Goodbye Jadeswamy

“Sir, pls confirm if yellow-throated bulbul is seen near forest IB” This was his last message to me a few days back. Jadeswamy was checking with me if the bird he saw was indeed the bird  considered globally threatened and seen only in stony parts of several south Indian hills. He was watching it near his house in BR Hills. Of the identity there was no doubt; on asking the description of the bird,... read more

Goodbye dear friend

He was like a wave when he breezed through classrooms at Josephs, with his panache and charisma and his disdain for the norm and ritual. He peddled jokes and poetry with equal finesse. He exuded warmth, cheer and style. He was extremely intelligent with an at-your-face wit. His energies knew no bounds. I remember the day I saw him first. In the Kannada classroom at St. Josephs. His infectious smile and... read more

Work at BR Hills!

Vivekananda Girijana Kalyanal Kendra is looking for an MBBS doctor to work at their 20-bedded hospital and community health programme at BR Hills. The doctor will be a part of a community healthcare delivery team in charge of outpatient work and fairly light inpatient work. The person will have several opportunities to learn and work with other community health and public health professionals on ongoing... read more


Arvind Kejriwal was quite a phenomenon. In spite of being a late adopter (a hopeless romantic that I am, I was waiting for a Mac among politicians, but agreed to settle for an Ubuntu), I slowly allowed myself to drift and get carried along the gentle AAP-tide. The crest wasn’t too tall and the trough was quite deep. After being one of the most promising and refreshing of political movements that... read more

Small talk 2010-06-13

190 mosquito bites on avg/night in Apac, #Uganda. From Alexander to the unnamed lady in Apac, malaria cont. to kill! # RT @noelladsa: German women talking about mass rape by Russian, American and British troops at the end of WWII . # I've favourited a YouTube video — Raghuvamsa sudha # An old one, but one of @billmaher best.... read more

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