BR Hills – My home away from home….

My friend Sunil, once remarked that nostalgia is a sign of old age, and if that is what I am suffering from, may it be so……As I sit in my ill-lit room in Antwerp, eating microwave heated, yesterday cooked, lemon rice, I think about those wonderful days in the hills…..and my heard dances with BR…… Continue reading BR Hills – My home away from home….

Diclofenac and Vulture deaths – From naivity to reality

Diclofenac is one of the most commonly used Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. Just to give you an idea of the magnitude, I take the human example. Although, I really dont know to what extend ‘human diclo cycle’ touches birds, as an example, it would be good. There are about 1600 odd government health centres in Karnataka -…… Continue reading Diclofenac and Vulture deaths – From naivity to reality

Less ramble, some birds

I have just returned to Itanagar from Jenging, Upper Siang dt. I camped here for 2 days and visited one of the sub-centres of the PHC at Jenging. Most of the journey by vehicle and on foot to the sub-centre were spent birding.Heavy rains have already begun in Arunachal and the skies were overcast even…… Continue reading Less ramble, some birds

Ramblings from Arunachal

Arunachal Pradesh has been really exciting till now. I have got internet access after a long time, and decided to write about it. It seems to be one of the more peaceful of the states here in thenorth-east. The transition from the plains of Assam to the hills of Arunachal is quite drastic if one…… Continue reading Ramblings from Arunachal

Himalayan musings

Vishal was found crying, one fine morning by Mrs. Shankar at the doorstep of her desolate, home set somewhere on one of the ranges of what we call the ‘Garhwal Himalayas’. Overcome by motherly affection, she begins to cuddle and play with him. She does not heed to the warnings against picking up this ‘forsaken’…… Continue reading Himalayan musings