Tele-triage of patients in cities


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Given the sudden crowding of hospitals that can overwhelm the system, one of the first difficulties being seen by city health systems is the need to determine who can be safely guided to manage their recovery at home, and who … Continue reading

Ecologising disease control: case of Kyasanur Forest Disease

Based on work I am involved with in a research consortium that’s aiming at leveraging the inter-sectorality & inter-disciplinarity offered by OneHealth approaches, here is a longish Twitter thread that cherry-picks key aspects of the paper we wrote along with some of my own reflections.

The paper can be downloaded from PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases here


In 2015, the WHO Alliance for Health Policy & Systems Research and Public Health Foundation of India had partnered to set up India’s first effort at building capacity in health policy & systems research (HPSR) through the KEYSTONE course. Half a decade later, I had the opportunity to join some lovely people from several institutions in India and abroad at launching the India HPSR Fellowship Program, which builds upon the work started off by KEYSTONE and various other small efforts at developing capacity for advancing systems thinking within public health research and a more critical engagement with policy, practice and social determinants of health.

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Anamalai doodles

Have never sketched. Did not think I could. High school drawing class was misery and perhaps played no insignificant part in this. Year-end slow-down unrelated to COVID-19 helped bring some pause to an otherwise tumultuous year. Two doodles from the hills.

View of estate-rainforest mosaic from the porch
A wannabe Great Hornbill

The hand and the mind

A chemical soup churns an ancient recipe,
a salad of acids nuceic,
a pattern so oft flawed,
a twist & a turn,
livin’ up to the font of a God?

A nurture awaits the soup,
hands not always gentle, words not often soothing,
parsing the salad with a shifting key,
an encryption undefined, unbroken.

A million years of evolution,
moments, minutes and years punctuated by revolution,
ossify thoughts, behaviours and attitudes,
that season the salad, nay even shape its constitution.

What is one life? What of its experience lived?
Where does it come from, this feeling of uniqueness?
This yearning for a kinship amidst a fist of fingers alike?
As if the punch was conceived in the hand…

but willed in a far-away mind?

The original from my notes

At NIF day 2 8 Sept 2018 & finished on Tippu Express 16 Sept 2018; edited