The artist clarifies!

In the winter of 2004, from my abode in BR Hills, where I was dwelling then, I had all the time in the world to philosophize! I was writing about the artist-scientist ‘polarities’ and one of my senior colleagues in BR Hills, responded to my turmoil by throwing some light. Stephen Jay Gould is a…… Continue reading The artist clarifies!

River Terns, Emotions and Confusing answers!

This post is in response to some very ‘hazy’ topics in the ‘grey zone’ between science and philosophy! The following post by my friend Sudheendra about Black-bellied Terns triggered this response, which led to a wonderful discussion on the same.Sudhee asked “…During my regular birding sessions……i encountered many water birds….encountered 3 River terns and One…… Continue reading River Terns, Emotions and Confusing answers!