Accounting DIY

I have always found accountants and in general these “cash guys” quite like doctors. They seem to have their own lingo¬†and jargon that at the same time amazes you and makes you feel left out; as if it is something you, a “normal” guy who just wants to know how much cash is coming and how much is going and how much is left, basically. They have this thing about tallying the accounts... read more

A recipe for free lunch

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch –Milton Friedman, Nobel-prize winning free market economist Haroon, a colleague from Panacea asked about FOSS, “Who is marketing it, if it is really so good?”. It is an interesting question with the implication that it may not really be so good, otherwise, why aren’t so many of us already using it! I strongly feel that FOSS is the... read more

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