Pointing to myself

I can press like on one and retweet another with ease; practising my likes & retweets requires grit and strength that I am still trying to gather; tired of pointing out everything that’s wrong with the world and realise that I’m complicit to what I point… #poemI can press like on one and retweet another with ease;practising my likes & retwerts requires grit and strength that I am... read more

Tukde Tukde hum nahin, tumhara tootna mumkin hai

टुकड़े टुकड़े हम नहीं, तुम्हारा टूटना मुमकिन है – उमेश श्रिनिवसनयह जो बैर के पहाड़ खड़े किए हैं तुमनेसोचा होगा के हैं हिमालय से भी... read more

The puddle in the mind

A lotus bloomed over a puddle Glistening in the morning sun. A cheer to the shepard and to the maiden alike, While the fisherman pondered on.   A lesser plant, never seen, A strangled seed never green, Another lotus born together But never deserving any cheer.   What makes one a lotus What strangles the seed unborn What of the broken weed Which shall only get a scorn.   Is it the... read more

Canned corn at Google’s cost

Bessie Braddock (to Winston Churchill): Winston, you’re drunk. Churchill: Bessie, you’re ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober.   This exchange (perhaps apocryphal like any other exchange attributed to Churchill) is up there for no particular reason. I find it funny and that quite suits. Well, here’s another poem and like my previous poem blogs, again not by me, but in reaction to... read more

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