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i may not have gone where i intended to go, but i think i have ended up where i needed to be.

– Douglas Adams

Peacei am a medical doctor with an interest and specialisation in public health. I work at the Institute of Public Health, Bangalore. for my phd at ITM, Antwerp, i am studying health care organisation and management at the district level in tumkur district of  karnataka in south india. my research interests within public health are mainly in primary health care, district health management, health financing, mental health and eHealth. after my medicine, I worked in an ngo providing health care in a tribal area called  br hills in southern karnataka. I subsequently worked in primary health centres in karnataka and arunachal pradesh. i continue to support some of these ngos mainly in conducting operational research.

most of my travels are to forests and my work at br hills has been the origin and the consequence of my passion for wildlife, especially birds, stemming from a larger interest in natural history and biology itself. i try to keep this alive by birdwatching, reading and writing about this.

i am an editor on wikipedia and strongly believe that it has contributed significantly to narrowing the gap between the expert and the amatuer. information and health suffer from similar inequities, and perhaps information equity will be achieved far earlier than for health, and one day, the only barrier to the sum of all human knowledge will be apathy. i help organise workshops to promote contributing content to wikipedia. As an advisor of Mendeley, I conduct workshops for researchers and scientists on using Mendeley to organise their reading. I also randomly compile notes.

……’daktre’ is the kannada way of addressing a doctor….something that is more an identity for me than my name.


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