Welcome to daktre.com! A compilation of writing, reflections, actions and curations of mine since 2005. One way to navigate daktre is to randomly browse through the categories of articles organised here. In case you wandered here, that is better.

daktre is the full meal drawing from different kitchens. Most of the cooking is happening in Kaanu, the Obsidian-driven knowledge-base where several incomplete notes are being inter-woven into meaningful bites. Episodically, some of the interesting documents I find on Adivasi studies can be found on Doddasampige, which attempts to become an open online annotated bibliography on Adivasi studies. That apart, my notes on public health, birds, wildlife & natural-history and poetry are here, as are occasional campaigns I take up. Reviews of books, events or other stuff and notes that do not fit anywhere else are here too. Tech-talk is an archive from an era where new tech-stuff were fascinating enough even if they were not othwerwise integrated into my life. Of late, tech-notes and reflections are integrated into notes and writings elsewhere or enable the other kinds of writings – like Obsidian, which enables a very non-linear way of thinking, writing and visualisation – like Kaanu.