Accounting DIY

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Gnucash is available for free download for Windows, Mac and Linux

I have always found accountants and in general these “cash guys” quite like doctors. They seem to have their own lingo and jargon that at the same time amazes you and makes you feel left out; as if it is something you, a “normal” guy who just wants to know how much cash is coming and how much is going and how much is left, basically. Continue reading

Google reader: Moving on

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So, Google reader is officially closing and it joins Google Code and several other Google products at the Google cemetery as a part of Google’s second spring cleaning exercise.  The RSS feed reader was by no means poorly used; over 140,000 users and counting are petitioning Google “Don’t kill Google Reader“.

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Online learning 2.0

The days of online learning continue. In May last year, I had blogged about learning online, especially about how a self-learner (an autodidact it seems) has amazing opportunities thanks to the slew of tablets and the huge number of online courses coming up. Those were still days of MIT’s OCW or Carnegie Mellon’s OLI and a few others. But online learning is also coming of age. Continue reading

Refly speaking

If I have seen further, it is by using a good reference manager…

Well, Newton certainly did not have a great reference manager, nor did he

Early Greek illustration of a quote made famous by Newton; of seeing further standing on the shoulder of giants

perhaps need one. Those were days (at least in the Western world) when the best way to “catch up” on emerging research was to attend one of the society meetings, where papers would be read out.
For example, most of the present-day understanding of Mendelian Genetics comes from the work on pea plants by  the Gregor Johann Mendel, a German-speaking Silesian (in present day Poland) Priest. Continue reading

Learning online

It is indeed great days for learners, especially for those who are self-directed, auto-didactic as they are apparently called. With the explosion of those delectable tablets made by that company Lieutenant Dan invested in and the claim that many other products are what evoulutionary biologists would call Batesian mimics, the access and availability to information has multiplied much more than one can manage. Continue reading