Review of Confessions of an economic hitman

A fast-paced and often repetetive ramble on the experiences of an EHM – economic hit man – working in a “firm” that the author suggests had direct links with NSA. The book blends the author’s recollection of events with detailed history of the fall of several democratically elected governments and dictatorships world-wide. While the history is informative, the facts (if they are facts) presented are sometimes incredible, yet plausible. Further strengthens the mouting evidence that US agencies had direct role in the making of several autocracies and dictatorships and the unmaking of several other democracies.

Wonderful biographical details of Omar Torrijos and incidental mentions of Graham Greene during his Panamanian romance. Drawing me now to Greene’s The story of an involvement.



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  1. hmmm… some rural doc that we know fits the description. 🙂

  2. Of all the posts, you responded on this one! Ass…

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