I just came across a recent book on Indian mammals. Congratulations to the

Cover image from Flipkart. Click image if you really want to buy the book.

authors (M. S. Pradhan, S. S. Talmale), both from the prestigious Zoological Survey of India. I, for one would have bought it, if not for its fairly expensive pricing. It is priced at 4500. I hope, that by now, the authors have become aware of the bloopers on its outside cover though. Well, I hope they are bloopers, for I would find no good reason to illustrate a book of Indian mammals with African elephants on its cover!

See the Flipkart page for the book for example where the book sporting an African Elephant and what could possibly be a Jaguar is for sale. As a keen wildlife and nature enthusiast, I have (unfortunately) no love for ZSI. The amount of resources made available to that institution is in contrast to its discharge of responsibilities and the quality of its outcomes. See for example the poor dissemination of information on specimens held in ZSI possession. A recent RTI of mine for a list was denied on grounds that the records are in bad condition! In spite of unhindered access to our wildlife areas, ZSIs work rests in inaccessible journals, behind paywalls, in expensive books or is not available on the Internet. Anyway, I digress. Congratulations to them on the book and I hope its contents are completely unlike its cover! What can I say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”!


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