The puddle in the mind

A lotus bloomed over a puddle

Glistening in the morning sun.

A cheer to the shepard

and to the maiden alike,

While the fisherman pondered on.


A lesser plant, never seen,

A strangled seed never green,

Another lotus born together

But never deserving any cheer.


What makes one a lotus

What strangles the seed unborn

What of the broken weed

Which shall only get a scorn.


Is it the puddle’s devious design

Or the perseverance of the lotus fine

Or the divisive eye of the human

That a lotus blooms

While the weed is kraken


If the beholder constructs beauty

Then isnt the puddle too in his mind?


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  1. Venkateshv Avatar

    Hi prashanth,
    If I’m right yesterday or today was the day you got your PhD 3yrs back

    1. Ah! Thanks Venkatesh for stopping by. I should check. Dont remember!

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