Category: Poetry

  • Arrogance of benevolence

    How often do you wonder If your work is worthy at all? If your work touches, cares and feels, raises, improves…even transforms? This thought torments, troubles & weighs Pulls, weakens & preys And rightly so…for what else Can check the arrogance of benevolence February 11, 2021

  • Anamalai doodles

    Have never sketched. Did not think I could. High school drawing class was misery and perhaps played no insignificant part in this. Year-end slow-down unrelated to COVID-19 helped bring some pause to an otherwise tumultuous year. Two doodles from the hills.

  • Pointing to myself

    I can press like on one and retweet another with ease; practising my likes & retweets requires grit and strength that I am still trying to gather; tired of pointing out everything that’s wrong with the world and realise that I’m complicit to what I point…

  • ego-phant

    I stand tall Atop shoulders Of giants. I see far I see wide But alas a shame… I miss the elephant in the room! A prayer to the lord Whom I haven’t seen Nay a prayer to myself Far & wide ain’t enough Look within, break the blindness Of power, of ego…the elephant appears.

  • Tukde Tukde hum nahin, tumhara tootna mumkin hai

    टुकड़े टुकड़े हम नहीं, तुम्हारा टूटना मुमकिन है – उमेश श्रिनिवसन यह जो बैर के पहाड़ खड़े किए हैं तुमनेसोचा होगा के हैं हिमालय से भी बुलंदहम नहीं जियेंगे इनके साए मेंनफ़रत के टुकड़े कर देंगे टुकड़े टुकड़े हम नहीं, तुम्हारा टूटना मुमकिन है जाओ रेंगते उसी गुफाह में जहाँ से साँप बनकर निकले हो…