Bird Brains Open Quiz @ Bangalore Bird Day 2019

Bird Brain: The Open Bird Quiz announced on the Bangalore Bird Day 2019 site

Since 2016, Bangalore has had the distinction of hosting the Bangalore Bird Day every year. This year, they introduced a Bird Quiz which was put together by L Shyamal & me. The quiz had an enthusiastic participation with over 50 teams of two who took up the written prelims, followed by a very engaging finals. With Shyamal’s help. we hopefully achieved the important aim of making the quiz as much fun as it was competitive and engaging.

Full set of prelims slides can be downloaded from SlideShare here

The finals were very engaging with multiple rounds. An initial round-robin was the conventional quiz round which had questions of one round each o WorldBirds, Indian Birds, local trivia from Karnataka/Bangalore on birds and a round on bird behaviour. Followed by this we had four action rounds titled Roadrunner (3 clues to guess a bird’s name with higher points guessing earlier and quicker), Be-a-condor (a bird dumb charades), Bowerbird (a pictionary on birds) and a final fun round of Ear-watching birds (guessing bird call based on its description in bird-guide and an additional audio clue).


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